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Job opportunities and professional development at Crystal S.A.

Professional development is the step towards increasing and improving an employee’s skill set to open up opportunities and career progression. This process includes activities such as training courses and workshops, but also informal methods such as self-study and networking. The purpose is for employees to acquire new skills and knowledge, in a work environment that is constantly evolving.

At Crystal S.A. more than 90 people work in teams to ensure the best result. As a commercial refrigerator and freezer manufacturing industry, we have a wide range of specializations from production workers and mechanical engineers to management. We lay the foundations and offer opportunities for our people to grow at whatever hierarchical level they are.

All the company’s employees have the opportunity to attend conferences, exhibitions, and training seminars, both in Greece and abroad, which help them to expand their knowledge and to keep up to date with the developments in their field. At the same time, we train and pass on our knowledge to the new generation, taking part in presentations and workshops of EPAS, OAED, and IEK students, offering the possibility of internships and apprenticeships to young people who are now starting their professional careers and want to learn and work together us.

Our people are our strength, which is why we provide development incentives to every executive who shows ability and skill. We are constantly looking for people with fresh ideas, team spirit and a desire for further professional development.

If you also want to work with a strong team and design your own professional experience, send us your CV at

To keep up to date with new job openings in various specializations, follow Crystal S.A on LinkedIn.

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