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2023, a year of growth, extroversion, and innovation

2023 was a milestone year for Crystal S. A. , which in its long history has demonstrated significant progress and growth in the manufacture industry of commercial coolers and freezers.

Extroversion and personal communication with our partners was our primary goal in 2023 too. We participated in 5 of the most important international exhibitions:

  • SIGEP 2023, Rimini, Italy
  • HORECA 2023, Athens, Greece
  • EuroShop 2023, Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Host Milano 2023, Fieramilano (Rho), Italy
  • Saudi HORECA 2023, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

During the exhibitions we had the opportunity to present, once again, innovative commercial refrigerator and freezer solutions, such as the new CR & CRFV range of vantilated plug-in cooler and freezer cabinets, which we have developed for the global market. We have expanded new business horizons and achieved partnerships that strengthen our position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial refrigerators. At the same time, our team had the opportunity to learn about all the developments in the industry and attend workshops on the latest innovative trends in the industry.

In addition to our participation in the above exhibitions, we counted dozens of visits to other international exhibitions abroad, thoroughly monitoring the latest trends and innovations in the field of Ho.Re.Ca. equipment and the ice cream industry.

Extroversion, commitment to innovation and our customer satisfaction will be our priorities in the coming year as well.

Follow Crystal S.A. and discover complete cooling and preservation solutions in the food, catering and supermarket industry.

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