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The new generation of refrigerators for mini markets & convenience stores

Consumer behavior and the criteria they use to shop for FMCG products are now based on multifactorial decisions. The dynamic development of super markets, mini markets, and convenience stores in recent years successfully responds to this new landscape that composes the new image of consumer preferences. Super markets offer a wide range of products and services, while mini markets focus on flexibility and quick service. Convenience stores are increasingly strengthening their position in the market, meeting immediate needs in the supply of basic goods and offering consumers flexibility in shopping and hours operation.

These different types of stores have one basic need in common. Refrigerators that ensure the effective preservation and maintenance of their products. Food safety (frozen or not) requires high-quality refrigerators that can maintain the necessary temperature and humidity.

The common denominator for all these stores is also energy saving. The recent energy crisis has led all industries and more so the FMSG market to re-evaluate the increased energy costs and find solutions to reduce operational costs.

Crystal S. A. in its long history, has proven its commitment to providing high quality refrigeration equipment for businesses in the mini market, blind market, convenience store, groceries, grocery, butchery and gas station markets. Having already counted dozens of partnerships with major chains in this sector, we offer a wide range of commercial refrigerators and freezers that guarantee the quality and performance they need to meet their increasing needs.

CR & CRFV, The new range of commercial coolers and freezers

The new range of CR & CRFV coolers and freezers was designed to meet the needs of stores like mini markets, convenience stores, gas station markets and more. We offer a wide range of models for the display of soft drinks, dairy products, meat, frozen food and ice cream. Available in three dimensions (1D, 2D, 3D), offering countless combinations for the optimal organization of your space. What’s more, they are ready for instant connection, providing excellent visibility of your products and helping to increase your sales.


Plug-in, our cabinets allow quick and easy installation through their plug-in technology.

Energy saving EMD – For even lower energy consumption, the smart fridge realizes that its doors have been open for more than 3 hours and turn off the lights by itself, and the cooling goes into energy-saving mode. Everything returns to the basic settings when someone opens the door

Compressors: 20% lower consumption

IQ Fan motors: 35% lower consumption

LED lighting: 50% less consumption

High-quality cooling technology, the refrigeration system is a jewel of high-tech and sustainability: hi-efficiency hermetic compressors, electronic fan motors, and maintenance-free condensers for optimal cooling performance, an automatic defrosting system for perfect display, and a digital controller for quick setup with minimal temperature differentiations in the cabinet.

Sustainability, Ecological refrigerants and parts, such as natural refrigerant R290 (hydrocarbon) and insulation CFC-HCFC free, protect the environment by reducing maintenance intervals. Electronically controlled fans and compressors reduce energy consumption and help ensure a constant product temperature.

Optional Equipment

Branding, possibility of customization with a huge range of colors, applications on the door profiles, front grid, and sides.

Remote Controller, the temperature of the device is available on the user’s mobile device through the app or email. Additionally, the user has access to the temperature history of the device through this app and can export reports to PDF or CSV (Excel).

At Crystal S. A. we are dedicated to providing high quality commercial coolers and freezers that offer excellent performance, energy saving, and low maintenance.

Contact us for more information and find out how we can help your business stand out in the market.

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