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How to clean our cooler and freezer properly?

Regular maintenance is essential for every cooler or freezer. But what are the right steps to follow so that your cooler or freezer has optimal operation and prolonged life?

Defrost, is the first step to take in order to clean a refrigerator properly. We defrost when ice of 10mm thickness has formed inside the devices. To properly clean the ice, all products from the inside of the device must be removed. The lids or doors should then be left open, and the drain plug on the inside bottom of the freezer opened. Very important: Remove the plug from the socket before starting the defrosting process.

For faster water removal, you can use a sponge. If there is a need to scrape the ice, a plastic scraper should be used. Do not use knives or other sharp tools to defrost because you may cause damage.

To clean tires and plastics, you can use a soft cleaning cloth or sponge with cleaning liquid. The use of solvents is not recommended as they may damage the components.

Once the inner bin is dry, you can close the drain plug, lids, or doors. Connect the device to the electric current and let it work for at least 2 hours before putting products inside again.

It should be checked if the condenser is dusty or clogged, e.g., from leaves if the device is in an outdoor operating area. If this is the case, it should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush. You can also clean the condenser fan impellers from dust using a soft cleaning cloth. Very important: Remove the plug from the socket before starting the cleaning.

Ensure a free space of 10 cm, in front and behind the openings of the engine room in order to have a good air circulation for cooling the compressor and condenser.

Finally, remember that the cooler or freezer should not be exposed to the sun, while when placing it, it should be properly aligned with the floor, by adjusting the regulators on the legs of the refrigerator or freezer.

Any other more specialized maintenance work on your professional devices should only be performed by authorized service providers.

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