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EMD, The advantages of energy saving mode

The United Nations General Assembly established World Environment Day in 1972 to raise public awareness of environmental challenges and encourage actions to protect the environment. Since then, every year on June 5, World Environment Day has been celebrated by millions of people around the world, being the UN’s main platform for encouraging global awareness and action to protect the environment.

Protecting the natural environment is a primary goal for us as well. That is why at Crystal S.A., we apply efficient technologies of modern refrigerants and energy solutions in our refrigerators. One of them is the advanced energy-saving function EMD (Energy Management Design), which was designed aiming to reduce energy consumption and ensure high performance.


The “smart refrigerator” reduces energy consumption by 10% to 20%.

With the smart function, the refrigerator detects that its doors have not been opened for more than 3 hours and automatically enters sleep mode.

The lights turn off automatically, and the cooling system switches to energy-saving mode.

The lights turn on, and all functions automatically return to their default settings within a few seconds upon opening the door.

The energy-saving mode is enabled on your device.

The detailed list of the models that future the EMD function :

  • CR300
  • CR450
  • CR500
  • CR600
  • CR800
  • CR1000
  • CR1300
  • CR2000
  • CRS 930
  • CRS 1200
  • CR450 SZ


For further information about the energy-saving function, including instructions for enabling or disabling it, scan the QR code ‘’Energy Saving Mode’’ located inside your refrigerator or find out more here.

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