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Premium Scoop ice cream vitrine.



1664 x 842 x 1285
13 places


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  • Ideal for promoting scoop ice cream
  • Selected by leading companies in the ice cream sector.
  • Auto defrost system
  • With front showcase hinged glass for easy maintenance
  • Large storage space with a separate door
  • High Aesthetic design
  • Large display area optimum product promotion
  • Optimum product visibility
  • Robust for heavy duty use
  • Plug ready

Basic Equipment

  • Auto defrost system
  • Storage space with a separate door
  • Front showcase hinged glass
  • Stainless sockets for stainless steel ice cream basins
  • Digital controller
  • Product labeling and price tags
  • Serving bench with a scoop washer system
  • Glass ventilation system (to avoid humidity)
  • Led light
  • Front side led lighting
  • Operation switch
  • 4 castor wheels
  • Air cooled condenser
  • Drainage
  • Internal body from non toxic steel sheet

Optional Equipment

  • Stainless steel basins
  • Maintenance free condenser
  • EBD electronic fan motor (compressor)
  • Branding (optional)

Technical Specifications

Product Datasheet


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