As manufacturers of plug-in commercial coolers and freezers, we offer our clients a full range of innovative merchandizing solutions that enable them to preserve and uniquely display their products throughout the world.

With our products and consistent after-sales service, we have established ourselves as the go-to associate for top companies in the food, beverage and food services industry.

As industry leaders in Greece and one of the top companies in the Balkans, our mission is to strive steadily towards growth and an established position in the global commercial refrigerator market.

Our people.

More than 90 people work in small teams to ensure you the best results.


From design to production.

In response to modern-day business demands, we have implemented a quality management system based on ISO 9001/2008 specifications.

Our company has quality system certification from TUV Hellas for its entire product manufacturing and sale process.

Our products also have RoHs, EMC and LVD certification, and are certified by the official Ukrainian certification body YKPCEΠRO.

Further certification has been obtained from Birmingham University laboratories on behalf of MARS, as well as from UNILEVER’s specialist laboratory.

Lastly, a number of our refrigerators and freezers have been certified by NESTLE’s specialist laboratories.

Each and every batch manufactured undergoes rigorous quality control, namely:

  • Incoming raw materials control
  • Product static control
  • Accessory completeness testing
  • Leak testing
  • Performance testing
  • Electrical testing
  • Aesthetic control
  • Packaging durability testing


Environment & Sustainable.

Reduced energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions

In late 2008, we began using hydrocarbons as refrigerants in our coolers and freezers. Hydrocarbons are proven to drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions and help protect the environment since appliances using hydrocarbons consume 30% less electricity.

Use of ecological refrigerants and parts

  • Refrigerant: R290 R600a
  • Ιnsulation: CFC – HCFC FREE
  • Compressors:
    • Hi-Efficiency (20% lower power consumption)
  • Condensers: maintenance-free
  • IQ Fan motors : 1/3 lower consumption
  • LED Lightining


Our primary aim is to protect the natural environment.

Recycling in a sustainable solution that can play a significant role in environmental protection. We therefore strive to systematically to reduce our usage of non-eco-friendly materials and replace them with their recyclable counterparts.